Customer Service Center

Accept comprehensive business consulting, provide technical support for customers; accept, coordinate, handle customer complaints, solve customer problems; take the initiative to communicate with customers, contact, understand the feelings and needs of customers, timely customer information feedback to the relevant management departments and production enterprises and properly handled.

Customer service center under the customer management department and technical service department. The customer management department mainly accepts customers' comprehensive business consulting, and the technical service department mainly provides customers with technical support and solutions before, during and after the sale of products. In order to make every customer get satisfactory service in Shanghai Leilang and maintain a good trust relationship with the company, we emphasize the relevance and effectiveness of customer service, and implement the acceptance responsibility system, that is, we are responsible for every phone call and every problem of customers, so as to enhance mutual feelings and deepen mutual understanding. If you have any questions about our products and needs, or have any comments and suggestions on our services, you are welcome to communicate with us at any time, we will be happy to serve you. Your satisfaction is the purpose of our service, and the common development of our company and customers is our persistent pursuit.

In the face of the future, all the staff of the customer service center will warm our customers with care, and cast brilliance with service.


Pre-sales service:

1. according to customer requirements, we can provide free 24-hour professional technical advice, customized and reasonable solutions, free technical specifications, product pictures, videos, brochures), if you need samples, you can communicate with customer service staff to confirm.

2. We offer reasonable and competitive price to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation with our customers.

3. Welcome to visit our factory and learn more about our production line.


On-sale service:

I. Whether you are a foreign customer or a domestic customer, whether you are our old customer or a new friend, whether your contract amount is large or small, we will treat the same with honesty, fairness, enthusiasm and rigor; 1. We have professional order followers to follow up the production of products and give feedback to customers in time.

2. We guarantee punctuality, quality and quantity to strictly implement the terms and conditions of the contract and provide customers with superb services.

3. We guarantee to strictly implement the terms and conditions of the contract in a punctual, qualitative and quantitative manner, and provide customers with superb services.


After-sales guarantee:

1. The quality guarantee period for our dry-type transformers, voltage regulators, voltage regulators, reactors, complete sets of grounding equipment and other products is one year. In the quality assurance period, if any non-man-made product quality problems, our company is responsible for free repair or replacement.

2. The company opened a national free 24-hour service hotline 400-6652-818, after receiving complaints within 8 hours to respond to the treatment of views, and according to user requirements are divided into 24 hours to deal with, 48 hours to deal with, as well as with the user about the time to deal with.

3. due to product accidents caused by power outages, our company promises to arrive at the scene within 24 hours in developed traffic areas (within 48 hours in remote areas) to deal with, to ensure that the shortest possible time to provide after-sales technical services.

4. For all products to implement the principle of lifelong service, more than the quality assurance period of the product only charge the service cost fee.