After years of development, the company has established a perfect sales network, with the expansion of the company's scale, product sales area continues to expand, the products are now sold in major and medium-sized cities around the world, and some products have been sold to the international market. Our company sells not only products, but also perfect service. We will continue to create more humanized products for the society. 



Leilang Shanghai transformer manufacturer specializes in the production of four series of products:

Transformer series:

Three-phase transformer, isolation transformer, dry-type transformer, control transformer, single-phase transformer, traveling light transformer, machine tool transformer, autotransformer, step-up transformer, lighting transformer, mining transformer and many other transformer products.
Voltage regulator series:

Single-phase regulator, three-phase regulator, three-phase automatic regulator, high-power compensating power regulator, single-phase high-precision AC regulator, electronic regulator, sub-regulator regulator, etc.

Regulator series:

Contact regulator, high-power column regulator, magnetic regulator, induction regulator, etc.

Reactor series:

Shunt reactor, series reactor, filter reactor, input and output reactor, DC reactor, etc.

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