SBW three-phase regulator

The voltage regulator (power supply) is equipped with over-voltage, over-current, lack of phase, phase sequence protection and mechanical fault automatic protection, with: large capacity, high efficiency, no wave distortion, stable voltage regulation, applicable to a wide range of loads, can withstand timely overload, long-term continuous work, power supply voltage switching at will, with over-voltage, over-current, phase sequence, mechanical fault automatic protection device, the utility model has the advantages of small volume, light weight, safe and convenient use, reliable operation, etc. .
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  • Product Description
  • Product parameters
  • SBW series automatic power supply can prevent voltage sags and power cuts. It is well suited to regions with unstable power grids, such as Africa, Asia and parts of Europe. The SBW regulator can keep the output voltage stable automatically when the grid voltage fluctuates or the load current changes. The input voltage range can be customized to ± 10% , ± 15% , ± 20% , ± 25% , ± 30% , ± 50% , and the output voltage precision can be set to ± 2% ~ 5% . SBW series voltage regulators are easy to install and operate, and can provide you with reliable and stable power supply in the power environment where the quality of the main power supply can not be guaranteed.


    Product details:

    Pole type voltage regulator is made of heat-resistant h-class enameled wire; coil is made of heat-resistant 180 ° C insulating paint with epoxy coating on the surface; coil and carbon brush sliding parts are polished, the iron core surface increases antirust treatment, good insulation, high temperature resistance, strong moisture resistance, low noise, low coil loss, can effectively improve the service life.

    The compensating transformer is made of temperature-resistant h-class enameled wire, the transformer is made of temperature-resistant 180 ° C insulating varnish, the coil is designed without framework, and there are ventilation slots between the coils, and the iron core is made of new high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, it has good insulation, high temperature resistance, strong moisture resistance, low noise, low temperature rise, high efficiency and long service life by adding epoxy coating on the surface.

    High quality intelligent control circuit board for voltage regulator control system, step-up/step-down uses 30A relay control (30A relay drives motor current about 1A, start current about 5-7A, enough margin, can work frequently) ;

    7 inch LED display, can display input voltage, output voltage, current, frequency, fault, parameters can be set. There are over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, lack of phase, fault, and other situations can be automatically uninterrupted switching power function. Electrical accessories contactors are using CHINT brand, can also be based on customer demand to use other brands, such as Schneider, Abb.

    Products used laser cutting machines, precision machine tools, printing machines, and other industrial machinery; elevators, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, construction sites, automated production lines and all need voltage stability.

  • 技术参数
    产品名称 全自动稳压电源
    型    号 DBW SBW SBW-F
    相    数 单相 三相(统调) 三相分调
    额定容量 10KVA-1000KVA (可定制) 10KVA-2500KVA (可定制) 10KVA-200KVA (可定制)
    输入电压 220V,380V(可定制) 三相四线电压
    输入电压范围 ±15%, ±20%, ±25%, ±30%, ±50% (可定制)
    输出电压 220V,380V(可定制)
    稳压精度 ±1%~±5%(可设置)
    频    率 50Hz/60Hz
    工作效率 ≥98%
    调压方式 可手动可自动
    响应时间 <1.5s(输入电压变化10%时)
    波形失真 ≤0.1%
    过压保护 当输出电压超过设定值时,可自动不间断切换到市电状态
    欠压保护 当输出电压低于设定值时,可自动不间断切换到市电状态
    过流保护 当过流超过设定值时,可自动不间断切换到市电状态
    缺相保护 当缺相时,发出警报,自动不间断切换到市电状态
    旁    路 当稳压器需要维护或出现异常时可手动切换到市电状态
    绝缘电阻 ≥100MΩ
    接地电阻 25A﹤100mΩ
    过载能力 二倍额定电流维持1分钟
    冷却方式 风冷
    控制系统 智能控制电路板系统
    显示功能 7寸显示屏,数字显示输入电压,输出电压,输出电流和故障等。
    交流接触器 正泰品牌
    防护等级 IP20(其他防护等级可定制)
    环境温度 -25℃~+40℃
    噪    音 ≤60dB(A)(1米内)
    海拔高度 ≤2000M

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