Sine wave reactor

The sine wave filter is used to modify the output voltage waveform of the frequency converter, so that the PWM waveform of the frequency converter is more similar to the sine wave, and the output harmonic component is greatly reduced, which can make the harmonic voltage distortion rate thdu & Lt. 5% ; Obviously prevent high frequency and dv/dt RF interference, to prevent the aging of motor cables, burst, reduce motor noise, extend motor life, to prevent the sudden current and voltage caused by the harm to equipment. The load distance can be 5000 meters.
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  • The function of the sine wave reactor is to convert the PWM wave with frequency conversion output into sine wave. When the motor voltage is 50Hz, the distortion coefficient of the sine wave filter is about 5% (the distortion rate will be greater than this data after the application of some brands of inverters) .

    Its main functions include two aspects:

    1, adjust the frequency converter output waveform. The output waveform of the inverter is a PWM wave, which is between a square wave and a sine wave. After adding a sine wave filter, will transform the PWM wave more like the sine wave waveform

    2, the realization of long-distance transmission inverter. Under normal circumstances, the distance between the home-made inverter and the load, more than 50 meters, you must add reactor, if the output waveform of the inverter is required, it will add sine wave filter: for the import of the inverter, in general, more than 100 meters away, you have to add. The distance is the length of the line.

    Because the price of sine wave filter is relatively high, in general, if there is no special requirements, add a special filter frequency converter is enough. On the DV/DT filter, in fact, is the inverter special filter, only the professional manufacturers of the inverter special filter, only with DV/DT suppression function. DVIDT, on the other hand, is the rate of voltage change, which is an index of sudden voltage change


    Points to note when choosing and using sinusoidal filters

    1. When a sine wave filter is used, the load capacity of the converter will be lower than the system's rated value.

    2. The sinusoidal filter will cause the filtered voltage to produce a certain proportion of the voltage drop. At the fundamental frequency of 50H2, the pressure drop is about 10% . The ratio is proportional to the change of fundamental frequency.

    3. A large number of high order harmonics can be removed when the PWM wave is transformed into a normal wave, as a result, the no-load current of the wave cleaner is about 5% ~ 7.5% of the rated output current of the inverter (at 380V 50HZ, which is proportional to the fundamental frequency and the output voltage of the inverter) . Four. The length of the connecting wire after using the sinusoidal filter is shown in the product specification 5. Filters should be well ventilated when used

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