DCL balance reactor

DCL-120 inverter DC reactor is mainly used in industrial/factory automation control system, installed in the inverter, speed regulator and power grid, input reactor between, it is used to restrain the surge voltage and current produced by frequency converter governor, and to attenuate the high order harmonic and distortion harmonic in the system to a large extent.
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  • Product Description
  • Product parameters
  • DCL-120 type reactor, SG100 injection molding machine, delta three-phase ATC step-down transformer, regulator 100kva, 9KW regulator, SBK-59KVA step-up transformer, voltage 380V/1140V current A. 220y 380V 1140V, produced in Guangzhou, check frequency power EPS UPS warm-away musical instrument, high-power well style Gaulle musical instrument, SG-1450KVA musical instrument, voltage 380V460V current A, sBW-50KVA three-phase automatic power compensation regulator 380V inverter DC reactor DCL-120

    parameter characteristics

    1. System voltage: 380V 450V 0.66 kv 660V

    2. Working Current: 3.5% on demand.

    3. Power Phase: 3-phase

    4. Product capacity: Customer Specified

    5. frequency range: 50-60Hz

    6. Way Out: Up or Level

    7. Insulation Resistance: 250MQ

    8. Power frequency sinusoidal voltage 3 kv duration 1 minute without breakdown and flashover

    9. Insulation: Class B

    10. Norgi & LT; 65 db

    11. Product Performance Standard: EC289:1987 reactor GB10229 -88 reactor (EC289:1987) JB9644 -1999 reactor for semiconductor electric drive


    DC reactor DCL is mainly used in industrial/factory automation control system, installed in the inverter, speed regulator and power grid, input reactor between, used to suppress the surge voltage and current generated by the frequency converter, governor, etc. , and to attenuate the system to a greater extent, in the use of high-order harmonics and distortion harmonics in the frequency converter and governor, it is often impacted by surge current and surge voltage, which can seriously damage the performance and service life of frequency converter and speed reducer, it is used to restrain surge voltage and surge current, to protect frequency converter and governor, to extend their service life and to prevent harmonic interference, therefore, high-order harmonics and waveform distortion are often produced during speed regulation, which will affect the normal use of equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to install an incoming line reactor at the input end to improve the power factor of the frequency converter, number and suppress harmonic current, filter harmonic voltage and harmonic current, improve power quality converter DC reactor DCL-120 application conditions.


    1, power supply has obvious interference to other equipment (interference, overvoltage) power supply phase voltage imbalance 1.8% of the rated voltage

    2, extremely low impedance line (power transformer is more than 10 times the rated value of the converter)

    3, in a line to reduce line current installed a large number of converters

    4, use COSP (power factor) correction capacitance or power factor correction unit

  • Working voltage 220/380V/440V690V (customizable)
    Working frequency 50/60Hz
    Working current ≤1600A
    Insulation class F class/H class
    Voltage drop <4%
    Maximum current Rated current×1.5, 60S continuously
    Noise ≤65dB(A) (1 meter)
    Temperature rise ≤100K
    Resistance Winding-ground 3000VAC/50Hz/5mA/10S without flying arc breakdown
    Insulation resistance Winding - ground, through the center of the rod - ground 500VDC, insulation resistance value ≥ 100MΩ
    Protection class IP00 (without chassis)
    Ambient temperature -25℃~+40℃
    Altitude ≤1000m
    Relative humidity ≤90%RH
    Use conditions No harmful gases around, no flammable and explosive substances; the surrounding environment should have good ventilation conditions, such as installed in the cabinet, should be installed with ventilation equipment.
    Product implementation standards IEC289:1987 reactor, GB10229-88 reactor (eqv IEC289:1987), JB9644-1999 semiconductor electrical drive with reactor

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