DG power transformer

The DG series single-phase coherent transformer produced by leilang electric appliance has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple maintenance and reliable operation. The design and production shall be carried out in strict accordance with IEC International Standard and relevant GB national standard. It is suitable for communication, electric power, chemical industry, light industry, etc. , and widely used in the import of important equipment, precision machine tools, mechanical and electronic equipment and other power transformers.
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  • Product Description
  • Product parameters
  • DG series single-phase isolation transformer is suitable for AC 50Hz-60Hz, rated power supply voltage does not exceed 500V AC circuit, input and output windings with electrical isolation, to avoid accidental contact with live body at the same time. In addition, the high frequency loss of the core can be used to suppress the high frequency clutter into the control loop. The isolation transformer is used to make the secondary to ground suspension, which can only be used in the situation of small power supply area and short circuit. At this point, the system's capacitance current to the ground is too small to cause harm to the human body. It can work effectively in the rated load for a long time, with excellent performance, reliable work and safe wiring; All kinds of input and output voltages, distribution of tap line capacity, can be carefully designed and manufactured according to the requirements of users.


    Product details advantage

    1. The windings are made of class H enameled copper/aluminum wire, which can withstand temperature up to 180 ° C, is well insulated and durable.

    2. New high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel core (oriented and non-oriented optional) , good heat dissipation, low core loss;

    3. The transformer whole H class insulation varnish vacuum impregnation, has the extremely high heat resistance, and anti-corrosion, the running noise is low, the insulation performance is good.


    This series of single-phase transformer is widely used in CNC machine tools and mechanical equipment, elevator control cabinet, working lighting and signal lamp power supply, can also be used as a small power supply.

  • 技术参数
    产品名称 单相隔离变压器
    产品型号 DG
    容    量 0.1KVA~1000KVA (可定制)
    输入电压 1V~10000V (可定制)
    输出电压 1V~10000V (可定制)
    频    率 50Hz/60Hz (可定制)
    相    数 单相
    绝缘等级 F级  或 H级
    温    升 F级<100K / H级<125K
    绕组线材 H级 漆包 铝线 或 铜线 (可选)
    绝缘工艺 H级绝缘漆真空压力浸漆
    铁芯结构 EI
    连接方式 I/I
    阻抗电压 1%-20% (可定制)
    电气强度 2500VAC持续1分钟无击穿及闪烁现象
    感应耐压 2倍频率/ 2倍电压 /1分钟
    绝缘电阻 ≥500MΩ
    接地电阻 25A﹤80mΩ
    变    比 <3%
    冷却方式 自冷或风冷
    防护等级 IP20,IP23,IP45,IP54,IP65 (可定制)
    噪   音 ≤35-65dB (1米内)    
    工作效率 ≥80-99%            
    环境温度 -25℃~+40℃
    海拔高度 ﹤2000M

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