HDB medical IT single/three-phase, isolated transformer

Medical IT system separates the unprotected area and the electric line in the protected area. All electric conductors in the protected area are isolated from the ground to prevent the dangerous current on the line from causing micro-electric shock. To provide a safe and reliable power supply for the medical appliances in the place to ensure safety.
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  • HDB IT series medical isolation transformers are used in medical IT systems. Single-phase isolation transformer and three-phase isolation transformer. The conventional capacity ranges from 3.15 KVA to 10 kva with voltages of 220V, 230V, and 380V. Medical IT systems are primarily used in critical level 2 medical facilities, such as operating intensive-care unit and ICU CCU units, to provide safe, reliable and continuous power distribution for critical equipment in these facilities. The product can realize the real-time monitoring of the insulation, load and temperature of the insulation transformer in the IT system. Medical IT system insulation monitoring and fault location products include medical isolation transformers, medical intelligent insulation monitoring instruments, current transformers, insulation fault location devices, test signal generator, power modules and centralized alarm and display equipment.


    Product details advantages:

    1.the transformer ratio between primary and secondary windings is 1:1;

    2.double insulation treatment between windings, and the design of electrostatic shielding layer.

    3.built-in PT100 temperature sensor for monitoring the temperature of isolated Transformer

    4.protection grade IP00 or IP20

    5.vacuum impregnated insulation of transformer body

    6. noise level & LT 50 dB (a)(no-load and rated load)

    7.vector group: IIO

    8. for converting TN system to IT system (ungrounded system) after isolating transformer.

    Product Name Medical isolation transformer
    Product Model IT
    Capacity (VA) 3150VA~10000VA  (Customized)
    Primary Voltage (VAC) 220, 230,380...(Customized)
    Secondary Voltage (VAC) 220, 230,380...(Customized)
    Number of phases Single phase / Three phases
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Winding Material H grade Enameled copper wire or enameled aluminum wire
    Insulation Level Class-F
    Insulation process H class VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation resin)
    Withstand Voltage Test Primary to secondary 5KV/1S;
    Primary to safety earth 5KV/1S;
    Secondary to safety earth 5KV/1S.
    Insulation Resistance Primary to secondary 2500V>500 megohm;
    Primary to safety earth 2500V>500megohm;
    Secondary to safety earth 1500V>500megohm
    Induction Withstand Voltage Test 125Hz/twice the rated voltage/1min
    earth Resistance 25A<80 milliohm
    Cooling Method Natural colling or air cooling
    Temperature Rise ≤100K 
    Protection Class IP00 / IP20
    Transformation Ratio <3%
    Impedance Voltage about 3.5%
    Efficiency 95%
    Operating Temperature  -25 ~40  
    Storage Temperature  -25 ~60 
    Warranty 12 months
    Certificate CE,ISO9001:2015
    The technical parameter for reference only, for exactly technical information, please feel free to contact us!
    1) The transformation ratio between the primary and secondary windings is 1:1;
    2) Double insulation treatment is adopted between the windings, and the electrostatic shielding layer is designed.
    3) built-in PT100 temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the isolation transformer;
    4) Degree of protection IP 00
    5) Vacuum impregnated insulation
    6) Noise level < 50 dB (A) (no-load and nominal load)
    7) Vector group: IiO
    8) Used for the transformation of TN system into IT system (ungrounded system) after isolation transformer.

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