A new journey to the future! Leilang Electric Enterprise Management Improvement Consulting Project Launch Meeting

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Before I know it, 2023 is already halfway through. For the people of Leilang, this is another six months of hard work, hard work and fruitful results. For everyone, it is both fulfilling and rewarding. Look back at the past and look forward to the future. At the mid-year node of July 4, Leilang Electric held a launch meeting for the corporate management improvement consulting project. The heads of various departments such as sales, marketing, production, technology, quality control, finance and human resources and department backbones attended this meeting.

Different from previous summary meetings, this meeting was a management kick-off meeting hosted by a professional consulting agency. This consulting company is a well-established domestic consulting service organization with many years of experience in corporate management consulting and employee training. The purpose of this meeting is to warm up the management improvement consulting project of Leilang Electric for the next three months. Through this period of visits, training, and optimization and adjustment of the organizational structure, an exclusive reform plan was created for Leilang Electric. With the introduction of external forces of change, it is worth looking forward to what changes will happen in the future for every Leilang person!

Build consensus and reform is imperative

The key to the success of reform lies in whether all employees have a clear awareness of reform. Only when managers in various departments reach a consensus can the reform proceed smoothly. The first item of the conference is to convey the concept of reform to all management. To build consensus, reform is imperative.

First of all, Mr. Wu and Mr. Zhu made a speech, conveying the company's determination to reform to all managers and technical backbones. If the company wants to move towards bigger and stronger goals, it is necessary for the top and bottom to work together and move forward together to achieve successful results together.

Subsequently, the consulting teacher introduced the detailed direction of the reform. The teacher described the current status of the industry as a whole, the company, the leading companies in the industry, and companies at the same level in the industry. Through scientific data analysis and checking for omissions, participants understood the need for reform. The teachers’ lectures were based on their professional knowledge and were convincing and well-founded, adding great confidence to the reform.

Each department clearly defines its rights and responsibilities and advances and retreats together.

As the saying goes, “It all depends on people.” The core of development is carried out by people. For a company to achieve results, it requires the full cooperation of management to achieve them. In this regard, it is necessary to formulate reasonable task division, training system and improve the salary standard reward and punishment mechanism. In this link, the heads of each department are mainly asked to describe the current working status and difficulties and bottlenecks encountered, which will help teachers arrange their work in the next stage.

After the previous stage of communication and understanding, the participating managers have a full understanding of the professional management level of teachers. Speak actively at the meeting and objectively describe the development bottlenecks of your department in order to get valuable opinions and suggestions. Teachers also have a general understanding of the development of various departments. Of course, the most important thing is to sort out the rights and responsibilities of each administrator and make a determination to advance and retreat together with the company.

Solemnly promise, Lei Lang has me

Through close communication between the two parties, the kick-off meeting gradually reached its climax. All members made a solemn commitment to show determination, attitude, and how to achieve the results of reform.

At the kick-off meeting, commitment letters were signed and read out in the order of senior leaders - middle-level department heads - technical backbones of each department. I solemnly promise that I will be a part of the development of Lei Lang. Through the commitment ceremony, the morale of the participants has been unprecedentedly high.

The last item of the conference was to take a group photo. The strategic plan has been drawn up and the clarion call for reform has been sounded. All members are highly motivated and believe that with the joint efforts of large consulting companies, Leilang Electrical Appliances will surely achieve more brilliant results.
A new journey to the future!

"After seeing you for three days, you should look at each other with admiration." For an individual, a transformation can be completed in just three days. For an enterprise, three months can be enough to completely transform it from the inside out.

As an old company established in 2007, although we have accumulated a certain scale of strength and achievements, and have achieved many results in business management, the long-term development goals set at the beginning of the company's establishment are still far from enough. In the growth stage. Only through continuous reform and learning, and innovation, can we achieve progress and growth and achieve greater success.

For every Leilang person, being able to communicate with outstanding teachers from the consulting agency in the next three months will be a rare opportunity for growth and will be beneficial to the improvement of personal abilities. Of course, what is more important is to transform the learning results into actual work ability, do the work within the job carefully and carefully, and jointly shoulder the important task of enterprise reform.

A new journey towards the future. In these three months, Leilang Electrical Appliances and the consulting teachers will work closely together and work together. What kind of answer sheet will they deliver? Let’s wait and see!

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