High voltage constant current electrostatic transformer

      SC (B) 9 10 11 dry-type power transformer

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      SC(B)10, SC(B)11 epoxy resin cast dry-type transformers are manufactured according to the standard "dry-type transformers". This product has low performance loss, good energy saving effect, economical operation and maintenance-free. In addition to advanced process structure, short circuit resistance. In addition to the high lightning impact level, it also has the characteristics of flame retardant, moisture proof, dustproof, low noise, etc., and can penetrate into the load center. Widely used in high-rise buildings, airports, stations, docks, power plants, substations, etc. Especially suitable for installation and use in places with high fire requirements such as flammability and explosion.
      The standard transformer produced by our company is without shell, and the protection level is IP00. If the customer needs, we can provide the protection level of IP20, IP23 or customized shell. The temperature control display and load recorder are installed on the low-voltage side of the housing, which is convenient for users to observe, safe and reliable.