QKSG starts the reactor

QKSG start-up reactor is suitable for three-phase induction motors with rated AC voltage of 50-60H and output capacity of 380V and less than 300KW, the starting current of the motor is reduced to reduce the influence on the transmission network when the motor starts.
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  • Product Description
  • Product parameters
  • When AC asynchronous motor starts at rated voltage, the initial starting current is very large, often exceeding the rated current many times (usually 5-7 times) , in order to reduce the starting current, the method of reducing voltage is usually used to start AC asynchronous motor, and the common method of reducing voltage is to use reactor or self-coupling transformer, the starting process of the AC motor is very short (usually a few seconds to two minutes) . After starting, the reactor or the self-coupling transformer used for step-down starting is removed. The product is based on the starting characteristics of high-voltage asynchronous motor design, matching motor power 220-1400kW.


    Performance parameters:

    1. Dry-start reactor is smaller than traditional oil-immersed reactor and air-core reactor in volume, light in weight, small in space, simple in structure and convenient in installation.

    2. In normal operation, the core temperature rise of dry core starting reactor is not more than 85K, and the coil temperature rise is not more than 95K.

    3. The loss of dry core starting reactor is lower than that of oil-immersed reactor. Four. The noise of dry core starting reactor is less than the national standard (50dB) .


    Technical features:

    the iron core adopts the epoxy vacuum casting, so that the air gap between the discus is closed by the epoxy, and a layer of resin is formed on the surface of the iron core column, which effectively reduces the vibration between the discus and thus reduces the noise, at the same time, the insulation strength between the core and the coil is enhanced. The coil is a epoxy vacuum cast coil. Epoxy glass mesh cloth is laid inside and outside the coil to strengthen it, and f-grade epoxy casting system is used to cast it in vacuum. The coil not only has good insulation, but also has high mechanical strength. It can withstand high current impact and cold and hot impact without cracking. The high quality silicon steel sheet is used for the end face of the iron core, which makes the iron core column and the iron yoke firmly combined and greatly reduces the noise of the product running. Advanced Vibration and noise reduction structural system, including (the upper and lower clamp of the strong compression, according to the material to determine the torque, clamp and coil between the installation of elastic rubber pad, clamp and the base between the elastic rubber pad.

  • 工作电压 6kV/ 10kv  (可定制)
    工作频率 50/60Hz
    工作电流 7A~500A
    绝缘等级 F级/H级
    温 升 铁芯温度≤85K
    抗电强度 绕组-地 3200VAC/50Hz/5mA/10S无飞弧击穿
    绝缘电阻 >100MΩ
    防护等级 IP20
    噪 音 ≤65dB(A) (1米)
    环境温度  -15℃~+40℃
    海拔高度 ≤1000m
    相对湿度 ≤90%RH
    使用条件 周围无有害气体,无易燃易爆物品;周围环境应有良好的通风条件,如装在柜内,应加装通风设备。 当起动时间满2分钟(一次或数次之和),应冷却6小时才可再次起动。
    产品执行标准 IEC289:1987电抗器、GB10229-88电抗器、JB9644-1999半导体电气传动用电抗器

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