Three-phase to single-phase SBDG Scott, transformer

Scott Transformers are transformers that convert three-phase inputs into two single-phase outputs. The input current is balanced only when two single-phase loads have the same capacity. The larger the output difference between two single-phase loads, the more unbalanced the input current is. It is widely used in industry and mining enterprises in specific load situations, to solve the three-phase current imbalance problem. It costs more than isolating transformers.
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  • Product Description
  • Product parameters
  • Scott transformer usually consists of two single-phase transformers, the high-voltage winding of one transformer will be connected to the end of the other high-voltage winding in the center of the three-phase high-voltage winding can form a “T” structure. Each low-voltage winding is a simple single-phase winding, and there is no electrical connection between them. Their voltages and currents are the same as those of ordinary single-phase transformers, but each high-voltage winding and current is different from that of ordinary single-phase transformers.


    The structure capacity of low-voltage winding is 2 times of that of ordinary single-phase transformer. Product details advantage

    1. The terminal adopts high quality terminal or copper bar, which has high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and convenient operation.

    2. The windings are made of class H enameled copper or aluminum wire with temperature resistance of 180 ° C and withstanding 5000V voltage.

    3. New cold-rolled silicon steel core, good magnetic flux, low noise, low iron loss, more energy-saving;

    4. The transformer is vacuum impregnated with 180 ° C insulating varnish, and the oven is dried at high temperature, which effectively reduces the vibration and noise in operation, increases the electric strength, prevents corrosion and prolongs the service life.


    Product application SBD series three-phase transformation single-phase transformer is mainly used for mechanical supporting, import and export equipment, construction equipment, automatic production lines.

  • 技术参数
    产品名称 SBDG三相变单相变压器
    产品型号 SBDG
    额定容量 0.1KVA~2500KVA (可定制)
    输入电压 1V~10000V (可定制)
    输出电压 1V~10000V (可定制)
    频率 50Hz/60Hz
    绝缘等级 F级
    绝缘方式 H级清漆浸漆
    绕组材料 H级漆包铜/铝线
    抗电强度 3000VAC/1分钟
    绝缘电阻 绕阻对地≥100MΩ
    接地电阻 25A﹤80mΩ
    感应耐压 二倍频率/二倍电压/1分钟
    温升 ≤100K
    冷却方式 风冷 / 自冷
    变比 <3%
    效率 ≥95%
    防护等级 IP20(可定制)
    环境温度 -25℃~+40℃
    噪    音 ≤60dB(A)(1米内)
    海拔高度 ≤2000M

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