HMYDJ excitation transformer

HMYDJ excitation transformer usually has higher insulation grade and higher power capacity to meet the requirements of power system. It plays an important role in the power system to ensure the normal operation of the generator and provide a stable power output.
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  • The excitation transformer is the auxiliary equipment on the generator. The dry-type excitation transformer can provide three-phase AC excitation power for the excitation system of the generator. The excitation system converts the three-phase power into the rotor through the thyristor to form the excitation field of the generator. The excitation system adjusts the trigger angle of thyristor to adjust the terminal voltage of generator. The safe and stable operation of the excitation transformer is the precondition of the self-shunt excitation unit and the full-load generation. It is also the key to the reliable operation of the excitation system. The control cabinet of transformer can add various control switches (circuit breaker, contactor) , detection instruments (voltmeter, ammeter, power meter, indicator lamp) , etc. , form a complete set of power supply equipment. The color of Ambry can carry on the choice according to User's need.


    HMYDJ excitation transformer work areas include the following:

    1. Power Plant: Used to adjust the excitation current of the generator, control the voltage and frequency of the generator to ensure a stable power output.

    2. Substation: to adjust the excitation current in the substation, control the voltage and frequency transformer to adapt to different load requirements.

    3. Transmission line: Used to adjust the excitation current in the transmission line to provide stable power transmission and adjust the voltage of the transmission line.

    4. Power System Regulation: as a part of power system regulation, it can be used to adjust the voltage and frequency in power system to keep power system stable operation.

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