Mechanical support, step-up transformer/step-down transformer

1. It is made of new cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet, class H temperature-resistant 180 ° enameled wire, beautiful bare coil winding, primary secondary fan, quick heating, galvanized pedestal, special lacquer dipping process, vacuum lacquer dipping, dry oven! It can effectively reduce vibration and noise, increase electrical strength, and adopt new technology such as high-temperature insulation design, so that the transformer energy-saving, quiet. The energy-saving and low-noise coil has ventilation trough, the air activity is unobstructed, quickly and effectively reduces the coil temperature.
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  • Product Description
  • Product parameters
  • Three-phase isolated power supply and electrical equipment. The simplest isolation transformer is a transformer with 1:1 turns and no shielding layer between primary and secondary. It is mainly used for electrical isolation between input and output. Sometimes called an insulated transformer. The isolating transformer of Shanghai Leilang electric appliance can not only change the voltage, but also separate the input windings and the output windings electrically, separate the primary windings and the secondary windings with copper foil, and filter the harmonics, to avoid current wave distortion pollution of the city power grid, in order to avoid contact with the live body (or because of insulation damage may be live metal parts) and the risk of land. The isolation transformer is a widely used measure to suppress the interference of the power line, which can solve the interference between the equipments brought by the ground circuit. The input and output voltages of the isolated transformer can be designed as required, with single-phase, three-phase or multi-input and output, triangle connection and star connection, rated maximum power (2500KVA) . Advanced Winding Machine and a complete set of vacuum pressure varnishing equipment are used to make the windings. The whole set of transformer is dipped in step by step, and the method of increasing baking temperature of 60 ° C, 80 ° C, 100 ° C and 120 ° C is adopted to make the insulating paint better adhere to the coil, the utility model can effectively reduce the noise, loss, temperature rise of the transformer and increase the service life of the transformer.


    Product details advantages:

    1. The terminal adopts high quality terminal or copper bar, which has high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and convenient operation.

    2. The windings are made of class H enameled copper or aluminum wire with temperature resistance of 180 ° C and withstanding 5000V voltage.

    3. New cold-rolled silicon steel core, good magnetic flux, low noise, low iron loss, more energy-saving;

    4. The transformer is vacuum impregnated with 180 ° C insulating varnish, and the oven is dried at high temperature, which effectively reduces the vibration and noise in operation, increases the electric strength, prevents corrosion and prolongs the service life. Isolation


    Transformer characteristics

    1. Suppression of harmonic interference;

    2. Increase the system impedance, so that the protection device is easy to fit;

    3. Reduce the impact on system voltage when starting heavy-duty equipment.

    4. When isolated transformer load side occurs single-phase earthing, will not cause the whole system single-phase earthing;

    5. When a short-circuit accident occurs on the load side, the short-circuit current of the system is limited.

  • 技术参数
    产品型号 LLSG / SG
    额定容量 0.1KVA ~ 2500KVA (可定制)
    输入电压 1V~10000V(可定制)
    输出电压 1V~10000V (可定制)
    相数 三相
    频率 50Hz / 60Hz 
    绝缘等级 F级/ H级 (可选)
    连接方式 Dyn11,Yyn0,Y/Yd11,Y/Yn0(可定制)
    绕组线材 H级 漆包铝线 或 铜线 (可选)
    绝缘方式 H级绝缘漆真空浸漆
    耐压测试 初级对次级2.5KV/1分钟
    绝缘电阻 初级对次级2500V大于100兆欧
    感应耐压 2倍频率/ 2倍电压 /1分钟
    接地电阻 25A<80毫欧
    温升 F级≤100K;H级≤125K
    阻抗电压 约4%
    变    比 <3%
    冷却方式 自冷或风冷
    防护等级 IP20,IP23,IP45,IP54,IP65 (可定制)
    噪   音 ≤35-65dB (1米内)    
    工作效率 ≥97%            
    环境温度 -25℃~+40℃
    海拔高度 ﹤2000M

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