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The dry transformer is an important type of transformer using a relatively common transformer. It is rich in selection and simple structure. It can also be selected attached according to actual needs.

The dry transformer is an important type of transformer using a relatively common transformer. It is rich in selection and simple structure. It can also be selected attached according to actual needs. So, do you know what are the internal composition and common structure of the dry transformer? Here, the editor will help you summarize. If you are helpful to you, please collect some likes.

Generally speaking, dry transformers are composed of iron cores, winding, and other accessories. It has many advantages such as safety, fire prevention, pollution -free, stable structure, small size, light weight, less space occupying space, and convenient installation. For its components, let's introduce them one by one:


The effect of the iron heart of dry transformer is to constitute a magnetic circuit. In order to reduce the vortex loss, the iron heart is made of silicon steel sheets. Apply an insulating paint on the surface of the silicon steel sheet and form an insulation layer by oxidative treatment. Iron heart is mainly composed of iron core body, fastener and insulation.

There are two types of iron core structures: shell and heart format. The shell structure is surrounded by iron cores surrounded by iron heart, so that there is no special transformer shell, but this is only suitable for single -phase dry transformers with less power. The common thing is the heart -shaped iron core, that is, the coils are surrounded by iron cores. Their insulation treatment is more convenient and is therefore widely used.

The fastening parts and insulating parts include clamps, screws, glass ligation bands, rigid bands, blocks and clamps insulation, insulation tube and insulation pads, grounding slices, and footnote.


The winding of the transformer is mostly used with a high -strength paint wrap. Taking our Leilang Electric as an example, the fire -level H -class lacquer wire is winding, which has excellent performance and heat dissipation, and is tightly arranged and uniform. In the winding, the cylindrical winding is mostly used to close the low -voltage winding closer to the iron heart in order to insulate with the iron heart. High -pressure winding is concentric in the low -pressure winding. It can be divided into three categories according to the winding:

(1) There is only one winding of a single -circle dry transformer, also called auto -coupled dry transformer.

(2) There are two winders in double -circle dry transformers.

(3) Multi -circle dry transformers have two or more windows, and they are commonly used with three -circle dry transformers.

The winding of the external transformer (ie input end) is called the original winding, which generates an inductive voltage output to connect the load winding. The voltage of the original and the auxiliary winding is representing the V1 and V2 respectively, the N1 and N2 represent the number of turns of the original and the auxiliary winding, and I1 and I2 represent the current of the original and the auxiliary winding. They have the following relationship: V1/V2 = i2/i1 = n1/n2

other attachments

According to the needs of the actual function, the transformer can be added to the transformer to meet different use requirements. There are several main models:

(1) DC electrical antibody

DC electric anti -electronor (also known as flat wave electric antibody) is mainly used for the DC parts of dry transformers, and the DC current flowing in the electrical resistor flows. The main purpose is to limit the overweight AC component on DC current to a certain specified value, keep the rectifier current continuously, reduce the motion of the current pulse, and improve the input power factor.

(2) Enter AC Electric Antiper

The wire electrical resistor is used to limit the current impact caused by the voltage mutation of the grid and operate the overvoltage, the peak pulse contained in the smooth power supply voltage, or the voltage defect generated by the smooth bridge -type rectifier circuit. It can prevent the interference from the power grid. It can also reduce the harmonic current generated by the entire stream unit to pollute the grid.

(3) EMI filter

The EMI filter is used to reduce the radio interference generated by the inverter, and it can also prevent the interference of the infinite electrical transformer from the outside world. The distance between the dry transformer and the dry transformer is less than 20 meters. It is recommended to connect to the power side. The rice is connected on the output side. Install as close to the dry transformer as possible.

(4) External braking unit (15G and below dry transformers are built -in)

After the bus voltage reaches the upper -limit voltage value, the brake movement is powered by the resistance.

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The above is a common dry transformer structure and function introduction of each attachment. Our Leilang Electric is a high -tech company, committed to providing a safe, reliable and efficient power equipment solution for partners.

A large number of design and manufacturing experience has been accumulated on the dry transformer. Our products are widely used in photovoltaic energy storage, medical equipment, electric furnace heating, industrial manufacturing, electrical control, mining railway and other demanding electrical electronic systems. It has stability , Reliable, low noise, low loss and other characteristics. "Integrity casting the brand, the quality has won the market", we work hard for the more efficient energy -saving power development. Welcome to buy it!

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