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Update time : 2018-03-06 17:37:07
Excitation transformers are generator-specific transformers because excitation transformers are devices that provide three-phase AC excitation power exclusively to generator excitation systems. The excitation system may SCR can be transformed into three-phase power generator rotor DC power supply, the formation of the excitation field of the generator, through the excitation system to adjust the SCR trigger angle, to achieve the design of motor voltage and reactive voltage end purposes.
Generator excitation has the following three components:
1, the series transformer, his primary coil and generator stator coil neutral string together. Its main function is to have a stabilizing effect in the short circuit condition or asymmetric condition of the generator, and serve as the main excitation function.
2, parallel transformers, and his primary coil with the generator stator coil and the export side together. Its main function is to obtain the appropriate voltage from the output port of the generator and supply the rectifier with the series transformer.
3, rectifier. Its role is to provide a DC current to the rotor of the generator, so that a generator excitation.
Excitation method of excitation transformer
1. Static self-excitation system.
2 with the end of excitation brushless excitation variable way.
3. With the excitation side of the DC excitation machine excitation method.
The safe and stable operation of generator excitation transformer is the prerequisite of safe and stable operation of self-excitation generator set. It is the prerequisite for stable generation of generator and full load power generation, and is the key to the reliable operation of excitation system.
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