High voltage constant current electrostatic transformer

      High Voltage DC Power AC 220V to 100V DC 30mA for Meltblown Cloth Electrostatic Electret

      Item No.: LLHL-100KV
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      Meltblown Cloth Electrostatic Electret Generator Electrostatic electret generator mainly applies to melt blown non-woven fabric, which is the core material of medical masks, the key to filtering the new coronavirus aerosol.

      Electrostatic electret generator works to charge the PP meltblown non-woven fabric which is the core material for medical mask making. Electret treated meltbown cloth will reach high filtration efficiency over 95%, serving as a sturdy barrier to prevents gems and virus.


      Outputs extremely high voltage to maximize the charging efficiency for meltblown cloth. High voltage stablization avoids sparking in operation, ensure safety. Premium quality components with professional fabrication causes longer service life. Simple design features easy to adjust voltage and requires least maintenance. Importance of Electrostatic Electret Generator for Meltblown Cloth During face mask production, melt blown non-woven fabric is the core material of medical masks, this is the key to filtering the new crown virus aerosol.

      However, the fine fibers of meltblown cloth lead to high porosity, so the filtration performance is not up to standard. It is not enough for surgical masks to only rely on the physical filtration function of melt blown cloth.

      Therefore, it is necessary that using electrostatic electret generator to treat the meltblown cloth, make it electrified and improve the filtration performance to reach 95% by virtue of electrostatic adsorption.