Power rectifier

Rectifier transformer is a power transformer for rectifier equipment, her principle is to convert AC voltage into a certain size and phase number of voltage, and then through the rectifier elements rectifier to meet the DC output requirements.


Its main functions are as follows:

1, to supply the appropriate voltage for the rectifier system;

2, to reduce the pollution of the power network caused by the waveform distortion caused by the rectifier system.


Available fields:

rectifier transformer is mainly used in electrolysis, smelting, excitation, transmission, cascade speed regulation, electrostatic precipitator and high frequency welding and other fields. Structural differences: electrolytic rectifier transformer to make the waveform smooth, and some made six-phase output, the external plus six-phase rectifier bridge, can get a more smooth waveform. For smelting and high frequency welding, according to the current waveform characteristics and anti-harmonic requirements of thyristor rectifier circuit, the eddy current loss in the winding of rectifier transformer and the stray loss in the structure, for some data and process optimization, in fact, the general structure is similar.