The mining industry


The mine transformer is a kind of movable complete set transformer which is specially used as the mine power supply. Divided into two categories: Mine General Transformer and mine flameproof transformer. Mine transformers are generally used in mines where there is coal dust and biogas but no danger, for electrical traction and lighting; mine flameproof transformers are used in mines where there is danger, specially for electric drill, lighting, signal and other equipment power supply.

Mine transformer is generally used to change the size of AC voltage, suitable for methane mixed gas, coal dust and other dangerous mines. The shell of mine transformer is full-corrugated, with the structure of open-cover and open-cover on both sides. It has the advantages of high mechanical strength, low temperature rise and good heat dissipation. Low loss silicon steel core, low no-load loss, low no-load current, low noise. Class H insulation material and insulation structure, good thermal stability, can be in high temperature continuous full load operation.