Photovoltaic power generation

In the field of photovoltaic power generation, Leilang Electric's photovoltaic transformers, inverters and regulators are mainly used, which can improve the harmonics and provide the quality of the network.

Specific features:

Photovoltaic transformer: due to the strong peak-valley characteristics of photovoltaic power generation, it is necessary to set a photovoltaic isolation transformer between the generator and the grid to provide effective isolation suppression.

The system is protected against grid fluctuations caused by voltage spikes, voltage drops, and other external disturbances on the load. The quality and reliability of power output can be ensured by using enough energy storage system.

Our company adopts high-quality materials and advanced technology, professional production of LLSG, LLDG series of three-phase and single-phase in-type isolation transformer in the power grid not only has variable function, but also can isolate the third harmonic of the power grid to equipment, the heat generated by the protective machine and the life of the insulating material are reduced. Can be used for photovoltaic inverter power bypass.